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Space Gods - Hemp-Derived D9 Gummies - 300mg or 60mg

Space Gods, Legal in 49 states (sorry Idaho), are Hemp-Derived Verified under 0.3% Delta-9 THC gummies that allow you to take to the stars and beyond with our first-ever legal cannabis gummies.

Ready... Lift Off... Party! Take Anywhere! Check with your commander before taking into space.

Eat 1/2 Gummy for beginners. Wait 30-45 minutes and up to 60 minutes for full absorption. If desired, eat more gummies and lift off into SPACE!

Ingredients: Sodium citrate, buffered pectin, natural flavor, natural color, distilled water, granulated sugar (to dry blend pectin), citric acid, hemp seed oil, 43 ER tapioca syrup

Each piece weighs approximately 5 grams.


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